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Keep your Volvo
at its safest

Volvo Body + Paint Programme

We are manufacturer approved repairers for Volvo.

After an accident, wouldn't you expect your Volvo to be repaired to its original condition? Ensuring it's as safe as it was on the day you bought it. This is only guaranteed if you arrange with your insurer to use a Volvo Approved Bodyshop with Genuine Parts.

If your Volvo is involved in an accident and repaired using non-genuine parts, you and your passengers could be at risk. Non-genuine parts look the same and seem to do the same job, but they seriously impede the performance of your cars safety features and technologies. The worrying part is - you may not know until something happens again.

So keep your Volvo at its safest, by remembering it's your legal right to have your car repaired wherever you choose. At John Clark Bodyworks, you're guaranteed to find trained technicians and overall standards needed to ensure peace of mind.

We operate an effective Customer Satisfaction Survey system which gives us the ability to monitor our performance and improve on ourselves constantly.

The safety systems interact with key components:

  • Safety systems dependent on the windscreen
  • Safety systems dependent on the grille
  • Safety systems dependent on the front bumper
  • Safety systems dependent on the rear bumper

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