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Had an accident? Call Suzuki First even before your insurer, regardless of who was at fault on 0800 107 1156

Suzuki Accident Aftercare is free and here to help 24-hours a day

What should I do if i've had an accident?
Call Suzuki First. Because we know your Suzuki, we can do something no insurer can – guarantee the highest quality repair to Suzuki repair standards. Plus, we’ll manage the entire insurance claim process for you. You’ll also get a free courtesy car, no hassle, no claims forms.

Suzuki Accident Aftercare exercises your right to a repair at a Suzuki Approved Body & Paint Centre that operates to Suzuki repair standards and only uses Suzuki genuine parts, keeping your Suzuki 100% Suzuki. It’s free and it only takes one call.

Here are nine ways we help you:

  1. Claim handling: We liaise with your insurer and process your claim
  2. Recovery: We recover your vehicle and get you home
  3. Courtesy car: We give you a free courtesy car for the duration of the repair
  4. Certified repair: We exercise your right to a repair at a Suzuki Approved Body & Paint Centre
  5. Genuine parts: We only repair your car with Suzuki genuine parts
  6. Repair updates: We keep you informed of progress throughout
  7. Legal help: We provide legal support service for personal injury
  8. Collect and deliver: We collect and deliver your repaired and valeted vehicle
  9. Warranty: We ensure your Suzuki’s warranty is maintained

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Call Suzuki Accident Aftercare on 0800 107 1156

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